As Above, As Below!!!

Negative zero circling, numbers back in time     

Integer in zone, no tune no tone     

A writ of space, time curves in place     

A loss of body, a jump into place     

Will sum the measure, back step displace     

Granite ring set, vibrate elder mind     

Ancient heartbreak, source of the rhyme     

Wind mountain ringing, sky brings into bloom    

A broken sun, outer conscious looms     

Far slinger grabs, the bag of dreams     

Luna swinging low, wave prism beams     

A dancing light, shines through the night     

Dry wishing wells, wash minstrel tales     

The story long, words rushing strong     

A feel of the middle, the wind in the sail     

The mission of building, a soulful inhale     

A enter of splendor, which door we take     

Hold tight the rope, then seed into form     

A grace against knowing, the flower reborn..


Mother’s Persona ❤️

You brought me into world, your flesh and blood,     

talking of you is like an emotional flood.     


First day of school, you dropped me off at gate,     

Never you did breakfast, to avoid me from getting late.     


I owe you more than i ever could repay,     

Its oblivious to my sun adrenaline at play.     


It flew with the times till fatherhood stopped,     

That precious of times, oh how have i dropped.     


Neither my age matters, nor my rage,     

Your soothing voice pales any sage.     


I know you won’t wish my wish to come true,     

But, I still pray to Lord that I pass before you!

A Question To My Resistance 

You are close to me, yet so far,

There is something that sets us apart.

I know it all, but you are the one I want,

My mind can move on but not my heart.
The rush that you start in my mind,

Leads me nowhere but to thoughts of you.

Deciphering the complexity of your heart,

I understood the beauty of you.
I’m on fire, thinking of you,

But things are complex and time is rough,

And then, her kindness,

sets it more tough.
I don’t know what keeps us apart,

I just want to take all your pain away,

The thrill to enter your soul is still at peak,

And, It doesn’t let me get away.
It gets on my nerve, 

when I have to see you from a distance,

And your smile is so breathtaking 

That every time, it questions my resistance.
*Wish You Were Here* 

A State of Mind Is All It Takes!!

A State of Mind Is All It Takes!!

Sometimes it is necessary to get lost into the roots to get a better understanding. Being lost is that state where if you start getting comfort, then it becomes the most desirable state, where you wants to state. The mentioned state is one of the top states of mind that you can go, with regards to this highly superficial world. Losing the connect with this engaging world might lead you to the better understanding of your existence, it might also lead you to question yourself. It gets you through a wonderful space where, there is enough room available for you creativity, anonymous thoughts or the random structures that your mind deals with.

This state of mind is the most addictive feeling that can be felt and this is what we get addictive too, rather not drugs. Drugs are just a means, which take them through their desired journey and wanted a state of mind. I am not saying that we should do drugs but I’m in favor of this state of mind, which introduces us to our sub-conscious mind. This lost state of mind leads a human to the ultimate source of knowledge because here the mind is open, open to anything and everything. Loving to loose the connection entices you with a discrete kind of energy, which is needed when we have to deal with ourselves.

Getting lost might be a result of anything; it might be because you think that this world is too loud for you or because you think that you need to be alone or might be because we fail to understand the purpose. Finding comfort somewhere other then this pseudo world is what is required to deal with this world. Knowledge and learning are two significant benefits of this lost world, which leads us to a better intellectual understanding. Eventually, it will lead you to have a reasonable amount of control over your thoughts because you naturally starts to get organized thoughts, by then.

The significance of this state could only be realized when we are left out in this world, which is full of fake stories, which are being made to fool us. The lost state of mind frees us and encourages us to let ourselves get aware. Lost is when you believe that you are lost, but until you believe that the ball is in your court and you can score. If you are afraid of getting lost, then you will be just left in this world to get rusted. I believe, it is rather necessary for a human being to have a distinct world, where we can train ourselves, where we can be ready to present ourselves; it could be any place where you get to spend some time with your own self to understand yourself and to love yourself.



An Incident Into The Mountains That Turned My Life Around

It was my long awaited wish to trek, when I finally planned a trekking trip into the woods of Himalayan range, to Tosh. I was totally unaware of the fact that this trip was going to be a life altering adventure for me. We were 4 people traveling.

Tosh is a village at the end of the Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh, situated at a height of 7874 feet about the sea level. It was the highest peak of our journey and it was already dark till we made there. There were a lot many things that has happened during the whole trek, but the incident which turned the trip even more memorable for me was reaching late to the lodge because I wanted to be out for a  little more time and I didn’t want to get high on any other thing. I was already high on the nature and I was tripping on the enticing aura of Parvati valley and the mild sound of river Parvati.

Till the time I reached the lodge, my mates already passed out and were deep asleep, which has forced me again to be a wanderer deep into the woods of Parvati Valley. That night had great impact on my life because with the kind of atmosphere, it was quite easy for me to connect and talk to my own self. Tosh is a village known for its panoramic beauty and it is considered to be an ideal destination for meditation and the attainment of peace.

That night alone in the streets of Tosh took me to my spiritual best. At such high altitude, the sky was completely clear and I was able to see the whole galaxy above me. I felt like the stars are trying to convey something, I could actually connect and communicate with the celestial bodies that night. The sky was actually full of stars. That night, my connection with my soul and the universe was really strong. At first, I was really annoyed with the carelessness of my friends, but after such experiences I was actually thanking them for passing out and not opening the door.

The kind of calmness, which I was experiencing during that night was something that I never ever have experienced earlier. There is a Jamdagni Temple in the middle of Tosh, which has a long lawn/verandah where I spent my remaining night resting on the staircase of the temple, looking at the stars & snow caped mountains, listening to my favorite music and thinking deeply about life, love, peace and death.

Problems: Are They Really That Big?!?

As an individual, each and every human being faces a lot of problems in his/her respective life that sometimes leads to motivate the individual and sometimes demotivates too, which is completely dependable on the way of perceiving the problem. Hardships are the most important part of any human’s life without which the life would become monotonous and boring, eventually. Each individual comes across different kind of problems, which indicates that he/she will have to help themselves as we know, ‘Self-help is the best help’. Dependency on anyone for finding solutions of problems that you are facing will take you to a place which will instead be a pit of various problems.

As human, we are blessed with the ability to think and analyse, which is what differentiates us from rest of the species and takes us to a supreme spot; but if we are not utilizing it or directing it in the appropriate manner then it will entirely go to vein and will take you towards your own downfall as a human, which is as ridiculous as it sounds. Coming across a problem is the most common phenomenon for any individual, but the way you perceive and find out the solutions to come up will define the caliber and potential of any person. It goes without any doubt that problem scares and depresses us but that depression has to be kept up to you and it has not to be shown in front of the world.

One should always deal with the problems like a warrior; life is nothing less than a war. Problems has the nature of troubling and we should also stick to our own nature of thinking and analyzing to get to the roots of the problem. Rather than wasting time in being depressed about the issue, we should invest our time on the effective deduction of the problem, which will lead you into its depth and eventually, to the solution of that matter. Giving up on any problem makes you a weak person. Any human suffers a lot many issues of various types, which are to be taken care of in the most dynamic manner so as to grow and come up as a much stronger individual. Grit and endurance are the key pillars and skills, which are proven as the milestones for the successful people. It is required to have a positive approach towards the thing that is coming up to us and have them operated and demolished in a certain manner.

Happiness: Hard To Find, Easy To Lose!!

We all, in this 21st century, are living in a world which is rather more materialistic than being about the feelings and achievement of the ultimate bliss. Bliss has to be the eventual want of any human but it seems that a  larger percentage has failed to realize that fact and by the time, it  happens to realize them is the time when they have already lost the charm of it and now, are just worried about the pain, which they are going to suffer during their death.

We are living in the time, where the level of happiness is being decided on the basis of the money, luxury and assets that your acquire. It’s a highly accepted truth that money can’t but happiness, but on the contrary, money holds a position, which can buy many other important things. We, the people are so greedy for the possession and various luxuries that, we started to sacrifice our own happiness for that. Here, the complete human race fails to realize that happiness is something which can’t be compared to anything. We are required to understand the truer definition of happiness to lead a better life in future.

The whole human race has somewhere failed to realize the fact that, we are falling back by being highly attracted towards these unwanted things. It is well quoted in one of my favorite movies, The Fight Club that, “we buy things we don’t need, with the money we don’t have to impress people, we don’t like.” fight-club

The time has finally arrived, when all the human has to start to think about the kind of happiness that they require, actually. Is it Wealth or Wisdom!? It’s your beloved people with whom you find peace at the end of any day after long working hours and by thinking that you have a worth of million dollars but absolutely no one to have a drink with. Rather, due to the greed of achieving more, we cut lose of a lot many people from our respective lives and now.

We have to give it another thought that, were those achievements worth the loss of those people?? Think, it is worth a long thought that, are all these materialistic things worth the sacrifice that we make, in order to achieve them?? If you come up with a yes as an answer  then, I  will pray for your long reign but if you come up as ‘No’ as an answer, then you will again be the one with a thought to think about, what changes are to be made, for no more such kind of sacrifices in the coming future. Acceptance of the changes is the key to understanding the cycle of life and can avail you with the ultimate pleasure to feel and understand the BLISS.