Corrupt System!

We have been abused and tortured,
We have been left fumbled and slaughtered,
The system is cruel and ready to clench,
Nevertheless, we will also be captured.

Reality is hidden and rusting are the truths,
We are being kept in the dark,
Truth is not offered here, but lies are the facilitator,
Supposed to be a protector, the system is now a dangerous predator.

Revolving around the absurd goals, harsh to come out,
Even if it is for my own right, I can’t shout.
Availability has turned into scarcity,
They have made our lives good just for self-pity.

Being told just what they want to tell,
Even if we try really hard, we can not repel.
The Information system is being heavily exploited,
Is there still something left for us to be ignited?

Bound by the walls of this dictating system,
We forget to focus on the things that get you boosted.
Forced to be a part of this never-ending conflict,
Even if we are not burnt, we are still getting roasted.


Acceptance of The Truth: Apocalypse!

There’s blood on my hands,
and I know it’s too late
As the shadows creep in,
I accept my fate.

Feeling defeated and exhausted
I look into the night
The moon and the stars
are my only light.

My sky is falling
and I stand alone,
I’m not afraid
everything I love is gone.

Fire and ice begin
to fall down around me,
The earth quakes and splits
below me.

Buildings explode causing havoc
and planes are crashing,
And, in the dark
My teeth are gnashing.

My hair, wet with sweat,
turned white with ashes,
I’m covered in blood
And my body riddled with gashes.

As screams mix with growls, fill the air
In my heart, I feel despair.
As death takes me in it’s grips, this is..
My Apocalypse…

Life Bled Out

I lay here watching my life bleed out
From deep inside the emptiness drains,
Dancing across are shadows of doubt
And yet, they bind me down with chains.

Colors once vivid, begin to fade,
The fire dims within my eyes.
I’ve lived my life within the charade
All that was true, I now see as lies.

Bitter tears now rolling down my face,
Grasping at crimson sheets below,
So cold I seek death’s warm embrace,
The days of my life trickle out so slow.

Drifting through the mist of memories past,
Such a myriad of meaningless moments be,
Filled with sorrows this ocean vast,
But now the dark waters flow out of me.

My eyes grow heavy as I fade into black,
I feel the terrors surround my bed,
Weak and defenseless, without attack,
My soul now pulled down into dread.

Mist In The Shadows

More choices is an illusion
that laces the present with hope.

Incessant are our needs yet
like an endless race.

Sullied with unattainable goals,
we take a step back for a better perspective.

Tracing our steps we devise plans
that only falter one by one.

Indifference marks our perception of
other people’s cares for we are swarmed with our own.

Negligence becomes the epitome of
our conscious conduct, what a coping mechanism!

Taunted by others’ success,
we dwell on envy and relish gossip.

Haunted by our past mistakes,
we crawl away from our memories.

Erroneously focused on what we can get
we let go of what could’ve been.

Smitten with people’s outer appearances
we idolize them overlooking their shallowness.

Hallowed with unearned praise for outer appearances
we wallow in pride, narcissism, and selfishness.

Adorned with titles, status, and what money can buy
we foolishly put a price on everything and everyone.

Debunked by scorned lovers and hurt loved ones-
we sink into loneliness and regret.

Ostracized by our own perception of what we should be
we starve ourselves of love, compassion, and reality.

Weathered with years and experience
we learn to compromise or let go.

Seamless is our lives and realities
when compared to the mist from shadows we try to shake off.

That mist is conscience following our personas like a shadow!


The moment I see her,
the world just stops,
seasons could change, and
I wouldn’t notice the clock.

If I am the earth,
then she is the sun.
I’m in the orbit of her light,
making sure it’s never glum.

Life without her
would be completely unbearable.
Even the thought is saddening,
not to mention, it’s terrible.

It’s very frustrating,
how she can not see,
her perfect ‘imperfections’
are the beauty to me.

Her caring nature,
her adoring eyes,
I can not conceive,
how I got such beautiful prize.

To cherish and adore her,
that’s all I really want.
I love her, so dearly
and I shall never ever stop.

A Sleepless Night.

I see the darkness of my space,
I feel the depth of mind,
I think of how to time & trace
the future for my kind.

I live the past and days disorder,
talking to your ghost.
Then, I drift beyond the border
with my dreamy host.

Thinking about the beauty of the gift
that was bestowed,
tripping through the rift,
with human thinking, something’s owed.

I dwell on the past and the future sold,
and how to face the day,
I feel the rhythm getting old,
when midnight turns to gray.

I hear the constant and silent
chatter rattling my brain,
And how vaguely our souls
matter on a different plane.

I daze in the darkness of your dawn,
I taste your mystery.
I cannot slow this ride,
I’m off to seize my history.

I hear the planet passing by,
as colors dance in view,
I think about my death,
And the people I knew.

I lay in the bed awake at night,
And race backward with my memory.
I think about breath beyond our sight
and of all the rivalry.

I think of all my actions & doings,
and a mind full of insanity.
Then, I start to make plans for action
to get back to humanity.

I think I’m going beneath the darkness
of the evils that I ever did,
Nobody’s going to save me,
And no way, it is going to hide.

I think of darkness,
And I think of light.
That’s all I do
on my sleepless night.

Silent Scream!

Not that anyone could guess,
I am a complete mess.

Outside, I’m just like the rest,
Inside, I’m a bloody reck,
I wear my mask quite well,
though, my mind puts me through hell.

I’m beaten down and broken,
For the words that are often unspoken.

Depression, anxiety and a longing for more,
But they all say life is an open door.
So, why can’t I open it?
When long ago, I already fell into that pit.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to climb out,
Because no one can hear, a silent scream that I shout.