Happiness: Hard To Find, Easy To Lose!!

We all, in this 21st century, are living in a world which is rather more materialistic than being about the feelings and achievement of the ultimate bliss. Bliss has to be the eventual want of any human but it seems that a  larger percentage has failed to realize that fact and by the time, it  happens to realize them is the time when they have already lost the charm of it and now, are just worried about the pain, which they are going to suffer during their death.

We are living in the time, where the level of happiness is being decided on the basis of the money, luxury and assets that your acquire. It’s a highly accepted truth that money can’t but happiness, but on the contrary, money holds a position, which can buy many other important things. We, the people are so greedy for the possession and various luxuries that, we started to sacrifice our own happiness for that. Here, the complete human race fails to realize that happiness is something which can’t be compared to anything. We are required to understand the truer definition of happiness to lead a better life in future.

The whole human race has somewhere struggled to realize the fact that, we are falling back by being highly attracted towards these unwanted things. It is well quoted in one of my favorite movies, The Fight Club that, “we buy things we don’t need, with the money we don’t have to impress people, we don’t like.” fight-club

The time has finally arrived, when all the human has to start to think about the kind of happiness that they require, actually. Is it Wealth or Wisdom!? It’s your beloved people with whom you find peace at the end of any day after long working hours and by thinking that you have a worth of million dollars but absolutely no one to have a drink with. Rather, due to the greed of achieving more, we cut loose of a lot many people from our respective lives and now.

We have to give it another thought that, were those achievements worth the loss of those people?? Think, it is worth a long thought that, are all these materialistic things worth the sacrifice that we make, in order to achieve them?? If you come up with a yes as an answer  then, I  will pray for your long reign but if you come up as ‘No’ as an answer, then you will again be the one with a thought to think about, what changes are to be made, for no more such kind of sacrifices in the coming future. Acceptance of the changes is the key to understand the cycle of life and can avail you with the ultimate pleasure to feel and understand the BLISS.




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