Problems: Are They Really That Big?!?

As an individual, each and every human being faces a lot of problems in his/her respective life that sometimes leads to motivate the individual and sometimes demotivates too, which is completely dependable on the way of perceiving the problem. Hardships are the most important part of any human’s life without which the life would become monotonous and boring, eventually. Each individual comes across different kind of problems, which indicates that he/she will have to help themselves as we know, ‘Self-help is the best help’. Dependency on anyone for finding solutions of problems that you are facing will take you to a place which will instead be a pit of various problems.

As human, we are blessed with the ability to think and analyse, which is what differentiates us from rest of the species and takes us to a supreme spot; but if we are not utilizing it or directing it in the appropriate manner then it will entirely go to vein and will take you towards your own downfall as a human, which is as ridiculous as it sounds. Coming across a problem is the most common phenomenon for any individual, but the way you perceive and find out the solutions to come up will define the caliber and potential of any person. It goes without any doubt that problem scares and depresses us but that depression has to be kept up to you and it has not to be shown in front of the world.

One should always deal with the problems like a warrior; life is nothing less than a war. Problems has the nature of troubling and we should also stick to our own nature of thinking and analyzing to get to the roots of the problem. Rather than wasting time in being depressed about the issue, we should invest our time on the effective deduction of the problem, which will lead you into its depth and eventually, to the solution of that matter. Giving up on any problem makes you a weak person. Any human suffers a lot many issues of various types, which are to be taken care of in the most dynamic manner so as to grow and come up as a much stronger individual. Grit and endurance are the key pillars and skills, which are proven as the milestones for the successful people. It is required to have a positive approach towards the thing that is coming up to us and have them operated and demolished in a certain manner.


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