An Incident Into The Mountains That Turned My Life Around

It was my long awaited wish to trek, when I finally planned a trekking trip into the woods of Himalayan range, to Tosh. I was totally unaware of the fact that this trip was going to be a life altering adventure for me. We were 4 people traveling.

Tosh is a village at the end of the Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh, situated at a height of 7874 feet about the sea level. It was the highest peak of our journey and it was already dark till we made there. There were a lot many things that has happened during the whole trek, but the incident which turned the trip even more memorable for me was reaching late to the lodge because I wanted to be out for a little more time and I didn’t want to get high on any other thing. I was already high on the nature and I was tripping on the enticing aura of Parvati valley and the mild sound of river Parvati.

Till the time I reached the lodge, my mates already passed out and were deep asleep, which has forced me again to be a wanderer deep into the woods of Parvati Valley. That night had great impact on my life because with the kind of atmosphere, it was quite easy for me to connect and talk to my own self. Tosh is a village known for its panoramic beauty and it is considered to be an ideal destination for meditation and the attainment of peace.

That night alone in the streets of Tosh took me to my spiritual best. At such high altitude, the sky was completely clear and I was able to see the whole galaxy above me. I felt like the stars are trying to convey something, I could actually connect and communicate with the celestial bodies that night. The sky was actually full of stars. That night, my connection with my soul and the universe was really strong. At first, I was really annoyed with the carelessness of my friends, but after such experiences I was actually thanking them for passing out and not opening the door.

The kind of calmness, which I was experiencing during that night was something that I never ever have experienced earlier. There is a Jamdagni Temple in the middle of Tosh, which has a long lawn/verandah where I spent my remaining night resting on the staircase of the temple, looking at the stars & snow caped mountains, listening to my favorite music and thinking deeply about life, love, peace and death.


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