A State of Mind Is All It Takes!!

Sometimes it is necessary to get lost into the roots to get a better understanding. Being lost is that state where if you start getting comfort, then it becomes the most desirable state, where you wants to state. The mentioned state is one of the top states of mind that you can go, with regards to this highly superficial world. Losing the connect with this engaging world might lead you to the better understanding of your existence, it might also lead you to question yourself. It gets you through a wonderful space where, there is enough room available for you creativity, anonymous thoughts or the random structures that your mind deals with.

This state of mind is the most addictive feeling that can be felt and this is what we get addictive too, rather not drugs. Drugs are just a means, which take them through their desired journey and wanted a state of mind. I am not saying that we should do drugs but I’m in favor of this state of mind, which introduces us to our sub-conscious mind. This lost state of mind leads a human to the ultimate source of knowledge because here the mind is open, open to anything and everything. Loving to loose the connection entices you with a discrete kind of energy, which is needed when we have to deal with ourselves.

Getting lost might be a result of anything; it might be because you think that this world is too loud for you or because you think that you need to be alone or might be because we fail to understand the purpose. Finding comfort somewhere other then this pseudo world is what is required to deal with this world. Knowledge and learning are two significant benefits of this lost world, which leads us to a better intellectual understanding. Eventually, it will lead you to have a reasonable amount of control over your thoughts because you naturally starts to get organized thoughts, by then.

The significance of this state could only be realized when we are left out in this world, which is full of fake stories, which are being made to fool us. The lost state of mind frees us and encourages us to let ourselves get aware. Lost is when you believe that you are lost, but until you believe that the ball is in your court and you can score. If you are afraid of getting lost, then you will be just left in this world to get rusted. I believe, it is rather necessary for a human being to have a distinct world, where we can train ourselves, where we can be ready to present ourselves; it could be any place where you get to spend some time with your own self to understand yourself and to love yourself.


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